Name:15D spandex yarn
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Spandex yarn stands for elasticity. Its unique polymer structure gives intrinsic and stunning stretch up to around 500% of the original length. In practice the stretch of the spandex(the draft of the spandex) are varied from application to application with different purposes. The elasticity of the fabric can give more comfort meanwhile maintaing the shape of your body. It's versatile and not allergic compared with latex. It can be used in circular knitting, woven and covering. 

Our brand is Sunrise. We started the production of spandex in 2003. With expertise from USA and equipments from USA, Germany, Japan, Italy and etc, we are very reliable in terms of quality stability. Currently our annual capacity is around 24000tons. Our bare spandex ranges from 10D, 15D, 20D, 30D, 40D up to 840D, 1120D and 1680D.

Our standard lead time is 10days for 20gp and 20 days for 40HQ for regular items. Loading quantities differs accoding to speicific items. Rough quantites are 6000-7000kgs for 20P and 16000-18500kgs for 40HQ

We are exporting to Europe, USA, Middle-east Asia, and southeast asia and south America now.

For more details including commercial or products, please contact us by email. We will reply you asap.

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